Sunshine School opened our doors at United Church of Christ. 80 children registered – Staff of                           6 Two-year-olds was added to our program and we are open
12 months a year. Tax Preparation in Katy
One-year-olds are added to our program and we have a lot of diapers.
We formed a contract with First Lutheran Church to rent several rooms to be utilized for preschool. This is the year we added infant care and we really have diapers now. The start of the After School Program at Briggs Elementary School.
The start of the Before School Program at Briggs Elementary School Through a community effort, fund raising and a loan from FmHa, this building on Crestline was purchased. Through staff effort and volunteer time, the mini-mall was renovated into our present daycare center.
Summer – We worked on renovations of Creslane Building November 1st we opened our doors at Creslane. Tax Preparation Services Before School & After Program is now underway.
Implemented 4-year-old Department of Education Class.
Sunshine employs 30 staff members with over 200 years experience and 145 children enrolled.

Ms. Nancy Moore
Sunshine’s First Director
Director until 2002