Requirements for Admission

New Forms to Download:

Family Registration Card 2012
Immunization Certificate 2012
Health Exam Form Infant – Preschool 2012

  1. Must be 6 weeks old and up to the age of 12
  2. Must have completed enrollment form and other required forms.
  3. Must have paid registration fee.

Continuation in this program is contingent upon the emotional maturity of the child.


  • Children may be enrolled at any time if there is an opening.
  • Discounts are given to families with more than one child enrolled.
  • Financial help is available through the Department of Human Services and various other programs.


    • The State of Iowa requires a medical examination of all new enrollees. Thereafter, a “Statement of Health” is accepted for preschool-age children.
    • We will dispense medication ordered by a qualified, licensed physician with Parental Permission and directions.
    • All Staff is required by State Law to have a medical examination.
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Sunshine Preschool / Daycare is certified and licensed in the state of Iowa and complies with the standards established by the Department of Human Services.

Preschool Program

Our preschool program is for children ages 2-5 and designed to give children both social and academic skills to help them grow. Our preschool program is a 3 or 5-day program.

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